Lecture notes on hotel management

This innovative lecture series began in and continues today to bring leading hospitality experts to campus each fall. Several students and faculty attended the sessions to learn about the role of asset managers in the hospitality industry. As the director of communications for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals HFTPa nonprofit, international association, she manages and produces a wide variety of communication, educational and marketing projects.

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Cms wound care documentation guidelines

Implementing the new CMS guidelines for wound care: areas for potential citations are explained by Jeffrey M. The volume of detail written into the new F is extraordinary and essentially amounts to a "clinical practice guideline" for wound care directed to both facility staff and surveyors. Good wound care is dependent on many aspects of the care process, and this is reflected in the new CMS guidelines, which include emphasis on resident assessment and care planning. New citations are added for lack of physician and medical director involvement with wound care, as described below.

5 1 understanding linear functions

If you studied the writing equations unit, you learned how to write equations given two points and given slope and a point. We are going to use this same skill when working with functions. The only thing different is the function notation. You first must be able to identify an ordered pair that is written in function notation.