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Lecture notes on hotel management

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This innovative lecture series began in and continues today to bring leading hospitality experts to campus each fall. Several students and faculty attended the sessions to learn about the role of asset managers in the hospitality industry. As the director of communications for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals HFTPa nonprofit, international association, she manages and produces a wide variety of communication, educational and marketing projects.

Industry Speaker: Atul Sheel, Ph. Sheel received his Ph.

lecture notes on hotel management

He has several years of quality executive experience in the hospitality industry. Industry Speaker: Fred Kleisner B. Academic Speaker: Chekitan S. Dev, associate professor of strategic marketing and brand management in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.

Academic Speaker: Ersem Karadag, Robert Morris University, discussed his research regarding this soon-to-be-required financial reporting system for U. Academic Speaker: Dr. Jason P. Koenigsfeld, senior vice president of professional development of CMAA. Two panels of industry experts addressed what they viewed as pressing issues facing their industry.

Panel members included Jeff Anderson B. Panel members included Frank Agnello B.

lecture notes on hotel management

Both groups presented creative ideas, and both concluded that early student involvement in the CMAA is critical to the future of the club industry. Hilton College, University of Houston.

Industry Speaker: Hugh A. Andrews B. Industry Speaker: Philip J. Hickey, Jr. Industry Speaker: Jim Burba B. Dean of the Summit: W. Terry Umbreit B. Industry Speaker: Professor Donald I.

Hilton Lecture Series

Academic Speaker: Michael D. Olsen B. Academic Speaker: Francis A.Due to globalisation the hotel management industry is growing with leaps and bounds. Each year, a lot of hospitality related jobs are injected in the economy. These jobs are offered not only by Indian firms but also by international hotel chains.

Thus, Hospitality Management is a fruitful field to make a career in. Interested candidates have the option to pursue an undergraduate UG or postgraduate PG programme in the field of hotel management. On the other hand, hotel management subjects taught to aspirants in PG level courses are principles and practices of management, hospitality operations and management, organisational behaviour, food and beverage management, travel management, and the likes.

Uttar Pradesh. BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. Candidates who want to make a mark in the field of Hospitality Management should be able to multi-task because in this field one is constantly tested to expand their boundaries and that too on a regular basis. Apart from this, the hotel management subjects that are taught in any course offered in this field is also dependent on the degree that is offered to candidates on completion of the course.

Hotel management subjects that are taught in hospitality management courses on completion of which aspirants are offered a Diploma or Certificate are listed below:.

Hospitality industry is the place to be in this era of globalisation. Some of these are as mentioned below.

Admissions Reply to ansh sharma. You can also apply for Scholarship test as well.

lecture notes on hotel management

Further for your information Admission for the same is open these days, you can apply online through admission. Apply for the admission first and then apply for the scholarship test. Last date to apply for admission is 30th April. Complete process of admission is online For more details you can visit the website and contact LPU customer care executives. Yes, you can get admission in LPU for hotel management course but after the verification of your certificate.

Sc Hotel Management -B. Eligibility cri Eligibility criteria for Diploma in food Production, B. In case candidate has not studied English as a subject, condition of English may be waived off provided the candidate in his qualifying exam, has studied in English medium. Admissions are open. Reply to Ankit Jaiswal. Diploma in food production2. Diploma in front office operations5.

Diploma in house keeping operationsThe above five Diploma cour Diploma in food production 2. Diploma in front office operations 5. Diploma in house keeping operations The above five Diploma courses are the core areas of food and beverage operations. The Course duration is for 36 weeks followed by 24 weeks of Industrial Training.

Currently the courses are offered under annual examination system comprising term end examinations at end of the year. Institutes also conduct mid-term examinations comprising theory and practicals. Applications are invited by individual affiliated Institute of Hotel Management through advertisement in leading local newspapers released during the month of June each year and selection made through a transparent selection process.

Each Diploma programme equips students in the basic areas of specialisation and institutes provide hands on training to students in the institute kitchens and laboratories. LPU will be a better option for hotel management.

Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering

The course is meant for students looking for specialised hospitality degree with global recognition that can lead to the leadership.Besides this lot of clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants etc have also come up. Looking at the number of outlets in each of the sectors, a hotel has the largest and pubs has the second largest number of outlets operating for profit. Cafes and take-a ways are the fourth largest restaurants remain reasonably static in fifth place.

Then there are number of fast-food outlets also which is the most modern trend and they are high in demand and serve less costly food. Similarly road catering,railway catering and airline catering also forms part of the catering industry. Service areas are often open 24 hours a day. Airline catering has developed considerably over the last 25 years.

So, they are important in the way that they provide revenues to the catering industry or the hotel. So, these outlets being commercially viable help the hotel in earning revenues. These diverse type of restaurants caters to various type of cuisines. There are various speciality restaurants such as Chinese, Polynesian, Indonesian etc. So the size of catering industry is diverse. Consumers- C ustomers are those prospective persons who would be our guests. Customers are those persons who are catered to by the hotel industry.

They are our prospective guests. Customers can be the resident guests or the stray guests. For example it can be done by age,by socio-economic class and by the frequency of eating out. Or of a specific area etc.

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Major research of this nature is conducted by established market research organizations such as market power ltd. L eisure is directly related to eating out. And there are various statistics available to eating out. Managers nowadays are involved in staff motivation also. The prices of various items. Always the decision should be made keeping the future. Sales margins depend on the total turnover of the hotels.Image courtesy of ilamont. The Analytics Edge. Shaping the Future of Work Poker Theory and Analytics.

Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans. Introduction to System Dynamics. Optimization Methods in Management Science. Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies.

Blockchain and Money. The MIT Sloan School of Management is a world-class business school long renowned for thought leadership and the ability to successfully partner theory and practice.

MIT Sloan shares a legacy of innovative thinking and collaboration with MIT, and this relationship - unique among business schools - is one that provides tremendous opportunity for students alumni. At MIT Sloan, customized programs and experiences meet students' specific needs and help them to reach their personal and professional goals.

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Send to friends and colleagues. Modify, remix, and reuse just remember to cite OCW as the source. Links to archived prior versions of a course may be found on that course's "Other Versions" tab.

Additionally, the Archived Sloan School of Management Courses page has links to every archived course from this department. Video The Analytics Edge. Video Shaping the Future of Work Video Poker Theory and Analytics. Video Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans.

Editor's Pick Introduction to System Dynamics. Video Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies.Excellent read. I like your style Keep it up! Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for. Plz can u forward in my email: mh gmail. I really enjoy to read your blog and will be waiting for your next update.

I appreciate all the work you put into this site, helping out others with your fun and creative works. Hotel Lobby Supplies. The catering staff of two trains have been fined Rs. To know more visit catering services in chennai. Nice Website Hey JOIN now fblikesbot.

Increase Facebook Likes and check your website worth worth my websites its may be very beneficial for you also really. Very useful tips Hotel Management Company in India. I have read many blogs in the net but have never come across such a well written blog. Good work keep it up used kitchen equipment. Good information in precise form for ease of memorising. Sanjoy Halder. I didnt hv hotel management course bt i m working in four star categories hotel so i need to learn some thing about the hotel service from u so i request to u plz send me some basic knowledge about the hotel mostly f n b service becoz i m in f n b service captain Hello everyone!!

I want to know how to served food and all beverages. If u have any notes about f and b service pls send me on mail my id Sunilsathe8 gmail. Good Afternoon Dear all!! My Camera is high expensive but perfect standing grip is more effect for shoot. Most of the cam shoot used in aluminium scaffolding for the purpose of non shake in shooting mode. Hello everybody good morning All MNC company need interior designs for new look. Its help look and feel gud. What a great Information are there in it. Great information delivered, Keep it up Don Julio HotelsCheapest hotel rooms pricesHotels havana cubaCheap hotels in cuba havana locationOnline hotel booking cuba.Functions take place within banquet rooms or outdoors, i.

Banquets can be very profitable. Banqueting allows great flexibility in pricing. Production forecasting and planning are relatively easy in serving a pre-established number of guest. There is no setup rule for banquet setting except for ceremonies of State, Military or Royal functions according to a protocol. The plates are always served from the right side. Food is brought on platters by the server. Each guest has a pre-heated plate on the table. The platters are presented from the left side; the plates are served from the right side.

The waiter serves each guest using a service spoon and fork. This type of service is a very elegant service technique and needs professional waiters and time. Salads, cheese or sweets can also be served from the trolley. Buffets can also be part of a menu like a salad- first course- or dessert buffet. Buffets can be themed such as a farmer- American- or International buffet.

It can be even a beverage, aperitif, liqueur, or coffee-break buffet, multiple options are possible. The guest picks first the plate, then the first courses, followed with the hot items, finished by the dessert section. The guest serves themselves. Thaialso for fondue specialty restaurants. It usually serves a purpose, such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration.

The menu, the time and the location is given; also a banquet is always for a group.Reservation is a complete process of booking that is conducted by to parties i. The procedure of reservation are:. The point that are to be recorded are note down below:.

The second most important step in reservation is determining the room availability. In this process we check the demand of guest encoded during the first step. The availability can be checked by referring to forecast chart, conventional chart or density chart. In fully automated system we can begin check in the same availability by computerized system or software. C Excepting or dying the request: Now after check in the room availability in hotel we are able to expect or deny the reservation request.

Expecting can be done if the request is fully validated by the availability formats and system, where as vice versa can be conducted for denying. Exceptional: In few cases reservation personnel an up sale another room of same criteria or higher by conveying or motivate the customer or guest.

D Documenting the reservation details: After accepting or denying reservation next process is documentation. Documentation is conducted by reservation staff by completing undone part of reservation form with the necessary details of guest who is about to stay. E Confirming the reservation request: After documenting the details of a guest we need to confirm the room to a guest confirmation are generally done by dispatching a confirmation letter to the guest by having a guaranteed reservation and may be sometime non-guarantee too.

F Maintaining the reservation record: After confirming a room to the guest we need to make a reservation record for each and every booking made. The records can be maintained or processed in two ways:.

The documentation are done in a basis of date of arrival and afterward in assurance to the surname of guest. G Compiling the reservation report: Now after completion of reservation record we need to prepare the report of reservation dept. Ask us in our Discussion Forum. Go back to subject. Have a Question Ask us in our Discussion Forum. People Also Read.

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